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Since 1946, Pack Tech's journey in delivering innovative packaging solutions has been a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries. With a legacy rooted in expertise and a keen eye for the future, we’ve consistently stayed on the edge of industry trends and technological advancements.

Benefits of using PackTech

Local Warehouses

Our strategically located warehouses ensure swift delivery times, with a maximum turnaround of 10 days across all markets.

Exceeding Expectations

We consistently surpass our customers’ expectations by delivering packaging solutions of exceptional quality and functionality.

Flexible Solutions

We specialize in delivering tailored solutions, covering tool costs to provide customized packaging solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

Local Sales Managers

With dedicated sales managers in every market we serve, we offer personalized support and expertise to our customers worldwide.

Efficient Project Management

Our project management process, characterized by timeline-stage gates, ensures smooth progress and timely delivery of projects.

Innovative and Responsible Packaging

We take an innovative approach to responsible packaging solutions, prioritizing new-to-the-world raw materials and practices to reduce environmental impact.

As pioneers in the field, we continue to redefine the art of packaging.

Multiple Manufacturing Locations

Depending on what makes most sense for you
(cost, delivery time, import taxes etc.) we have the possibility to have our packaging manufactured in different regions.

  • EU

  • North & South America

  • Asia

Ocean Waste Plastic

Ocean Waste Plastic is packaging made with plastic collected from the ocean and rivers, and can differentiate your brand in the market.

Your Own Style

A unique brand deserves one-of-a-kind packaging that is tailor-made for your brand and makes your product stand out.

Our Standard Range

We have an extensive range of standard packaging available designed to meet diverse needs while maintaing our high-quality standards.

Save the ocean with your packaging

With innovative raw materials such as Ocean Waste Plastic you can differentiate your brand.


Feel free to reach out - we’re here to assist with any needs you may have.

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